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ASAP World was founded by a group of online investors who are expert users of e-currency and e-commerce . Our personal experiences have led us to determine that most of the needs of on-line operators are not satisfactorily met in the global services, which are in large part distributed by offshore companies that are unreliable and out of control.
That is why we decided to propose a portal whose success will be determined by the rising demand of e-currency as well as the growing need for it to constitute a new engine in our increasingly globalised economy, a new driving force for the development of all sorts of markets. And this thanks to the fact that , for the first time , with ASAP online PSN ltd the barriers to the use of virtual money will be removed, since our system enables users to carry out their transactions with both e-currency and real money.

ASAP World  cannot be considered an exchanger in the classic sense of the word, but a real Business Oriented Community whose principle lie in the system of payment and whose final target is buy-sell transactions. The evolution of our project, developed by a chartered accountant, is carefully managed by a pool of network marketing and financial experts.

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