ASAP Trade is a platform that ASAP Online PSN Limited offers at its ASAP VIP Club members .
In Italy there is not carried solicitation.

How does it work

Through the ASAP Trade Program you have the opportunity to purchase Quote of partecipation at our projects. ASAP Trade works and invests in various business ventures in the Real Estate, Energy, Food and Manufacturing sectors. With our Crowd Funding Program we allow you to participate in these projects without being obliged to invest big money but purchasing one or more quotes of ASAP Trade. ASAP ONLINE PSN ltd is manager of the Crowd Funding ASAP TRADE program.


  • The fixed value of a design Quote is 35.000 €
  • Each Quote allows you to participate in the project returns which will be paid monthly at a charge of the same
  • The Quote of the project has a solar life of one year, but you can sell the Quote at any time on ASAP Trade Market which you can access inside of ASAP VIP Club.
  • The Quote is indivisible and must be owned by a natural or legal person.

Steps to Follow

  • The program is open to all ASAP VIP users.
    If you do not know ASAP VIP Club click here.
  • Send us the necessary documentation for the exact recognition (KYC). If you have not already done so, you will need to send proof of identity (ID card, passport or driver's license notarized) and a Address proof (eg. Bill Electricity /Gas/Water)
  • Recharge your purse VIP of the sum required for the purchase of Quotes.
  • Sign up ASAP Trade Agreement.
  • View and buy the Quotes in the ASAP Trade Market.

Legal Information about Crowd Funding

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