1. What is ASAP Online PSN Ltd?

ASAP Online PSN Ltd. Is the company managing the web site www.asapmarkets.com which is a Business Oriented Social Network based on a type of e-commerce known as Bidding System or Sales on Call that accepts both traditional and digital e-currencies as payment.

2. Who is it for?

ASAP Online PSN Ltd is addressed to all Internet Surfers interested in on-line commerce..

3. How can I become an Asap Network Member?

You simply register in the appropriate area being careful to give REAL details and sending the requested documents with the uploader. In order to make valid registration and the request for the issuance of a credit card, there should be: a color copy of the identity document (identity card or passport) valid, a color copy of a proof of address (the title of a utility bill or bank statement) recently at least 3 months, containing the same address of your ID, and a copy of the payment.

4. Do I have to declare my profit? If so, in what way?

Profit needs to be declared according to the State Laws of the country of origin exactly as for any other activity. Under certain incomes several States o not require income tax returns. We advise those wishing to work mainly as Networkers, helping to build the Community, to contact us for further assistance.

5. Do I need particular authorizations to work as a promoter?

No, you do not need specific authorizations, the fees a Network Member receives are Bonus, and not Commissions. For those wishing to make it their main activity there are regulations: in this case it is advisable to be registered to the U.I.C. in Italy, the FSA in the UK or the to the State designated Authorities in other countries.

6. How are my bonuses calculated?

They are calculated both on the bases of the introduction of new members (ACCESS BONUS) and on the card loads and expenses made using methods of payment accepted by and distributed by ASAP (USAGE BONUS), and on all transactions in (download the Marketing Plan from the reserved area).

7. How will I be paid?

The Member of ASAP Community has at its disposal an online account, which will grow their earnings. There is the possibility to transfer their earnings from the account online to paper with a cost equal to 3% of the amount to be transferred plus € 2 fee. And there is also the possibility to transfer their earnings from the online account of another member at a cost of € 1.
To make the transfer must have a balance of more than 30€.

8. Can I apply or send documentations via FAX?

Will not be accepted registrations received by FAX. The required documentation must be legible and colored.

9. Is there an IBAN/Swift/BIC linked to the ASAP Cards?

No, the credit card does not have an IBAN. But you can receive money to your credit card via bank transfer.

10. Can I receive a bank transfer to my card?

Yes, you can receive a bank transfer.

11. How can I charge the credit card having some cash?

In order to recharge the ASAP card, if you have cash, you must go to a ASAPay Point or ASAP Globalmerchant. Find the point closest to you in your Private Area.

12. What is the maximum charge, the maximum daily withdrawal and related fees?

Maximum charge per day is: 5.000,00 € ca.
Maximum charge per year is: 100.000,00 € ca.
Maximum daily payment 5.000,00 € ca.
Maximum daily withdrawal ATM: 750,00 €
Costo of recharge Card cash at ASAPay Point: 2,00€
Maximum amount of cash in a rechargeable ricaricabile ASAPay Point: 500,00€
Maximum balance of the Card: 15.000,00€