ASAP Merchants


ASAP Merchant are stores affiliated with our circuit.
The affiliation with ASAP allows them to :

  1. Benefit from our established network of users that will have advantages if shopping at the ASAP Merchant
  2. Get many new customers who will benefit when purchasing with their own ASAP Card in the ASAP Merchant

The advantages of the affiliation to Merchant program are many! Thanks to our wide spread in the territory and the visibility that is given to the merchant on our website , Our users will become your customers!
How does it work?
  1. The Affiliate Merchant will receive (if you do not already have one) an impersonal ASAP Card
  2. ASAP offers free promotion through the website and a Mobile App downloadable for free, so customers can find you at any time!

Once registered , the shopkeeper will receive:
  • Access to the Private Merchant Area
  • A keypad for typing the Web Pin by the user at time of a purchase;

What are you waiting for? Affiliate your store to ASAP Merchant!


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