ASAP World ASAP system is a Network formed by people who have in common  the need to benefit from its own operations and those of the users connected to it .
As it is in our interest that all users are properly informed and satisfied , to enter  be part of the circuit is necessary to have a Sponsor , a person  who can explain to you how the circuit works , guide him in the understanding of the capabilities and services offered by the network  and aid in the use of services when they need to.
The ASAP network is distributed in 8 levels that allows promoters to earn cascade mode  from usage of the services of the users who have him like SPONSOR .
Promoters users have the opportunity to gain from all Market transactions , both have committees on all movements and on all transactions  of Prepaid Debit Cards distributed by ASAP Online PSN as long as the user is in  its network (users who sponsored each promoter) .
For ASAP Promoters more productive there is also a raffling Bonus .  

Marketing Plan for promoters , can be consulted and downloaded at the following address : Marketing Plan  

The Registration at the Network is FREE and the services available to you are constantly improving.
ASAP provides services both for Promoters and for simple users who do not care to participate actively in the marketing plan earnings who need a card Debt  Prepaid Mastercard belonging to the circuit, taking advantage of a secure and efficient service.