ASAP World provides a wide range of services designed to let our users find a solution that meets their needs in the context of business-to-consumer and E-currency management.
Our services are created as for simple users who are looking for a reliable tool to manage their money and for developers who are wishing to join actively our community! The constant study of the market and the needs of our users have led us to differentiate the services so that everybody can find what they are looking for!

Service PacksService Packs permit you to have an ASAP sell mandate and partecipate at learning program.

GlobalMerchantASAP Merchant are stores affiliated to our network in which each ASAP user can take advantage of a special discount. Register also your shop!

PointASAP Point allow you to provide customers with a multitude of services in a single platform through a portal and simple intuitive.

MarketsASAP Market is a system of reverse auction where you'll find products at affordable prices. Each user who buys a service pack can put items for sale.

Asap Insurance ConventionProgramma assicurativo ASAP World in collaborazione con ASSITRANS.


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